Vincent Bianco grew up in the kitchen, sitting on the counter watching his mother Janice cook.

It was the smells and sounds that always drew me to the kitchen. My whole life food was always home cooked.

Drawing on that tradition, it’s the quality, passion and tastes that only come from home cooking that drives Vincent to recreate those experiences for his customers.

bianco's parents

Driven by his mother’s passion and the values his father instilled, Vincent learned early on the importance of quality food. His father Joseph owned and operated many restaurants and diners before he founded Bianco and Sons in 1960, where he made a name for himself in the Boston area with his own specialty Italian sausages.

I remember my father telling me it took years to perfect the sausage blend; he was relentless until it was perfected.

Vincent earned a bachelor’s degree in business management before traveling to Italy in 2012 where he trained under Chef Lorenzo Polegri and Roberta Dowling, founder of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

While traveling I was exposed to the beauty and passion the Italians put into food. The time I spent with Chef Lorenzo and Roberta added to my passion for cooking.

Upon his return Vincent set out to bring his life experiences both in the kitchen and in travel to other people.

At Bianco’s Custom Catering, we never use a “copy-and-paste” menu; from every customer to every event, we take pride in putting together a unique menu with the highest quality ingredients and the same home-cooked tastes that Vincent grew up with. Through these ideals, we bring you Vincent Bianco’s Custom Catering.

Founded on tradition, shaped by pride, served with care